Terrazzo Flooring

Design & Installation

To put it quite simply, terrazzo is a creative mosaic using small pieces of glass, stone, marble, or granite set in a binding substance like epoxy or mortar and polished to a shine. In order to create logos or accents you can use pre-casts with the right color combinations to recreate the image you are building.

Terrazzo can vary from the types of binder they use to the colors or aggregate material that is used. The materials can range from granite, quartz, glass, marble, or stones and are combined with an epoxy or cementing-style agent that hardens into an unbelievably durable material. It’s then ground down to show the coloration of the stones and shined.

Best Installation & Restoration

Repair & Restoration

We know, even the best installations of terrazzo can run into issues down the road. Not only is Venable Terrazzo Company the best at new installations, but we are also very handy when it comes to repairs and restoration work on your terrazzo floors, stairs, and more. Our team knows how to work with any type of mosaic flooring and can get you fixed up and cleaned up right away.

We can repair the following problems for you:

High traffic, accidents with heavy items, storms, high water and much more. Call Venable Terrazzo for a quotation for your much needed terrazzo repair work

Different Types of Terrazzo

Epoxy Terrazzo

This one is the most popular manufactured due to its smooth surface and the multiple uses from flooring, wall covering, and countertops. The color styles are almost endless.

Cement Terrazzo

Very cost-effective, cement terrazzo works very well in areas of high traffic, like hospitals, airports, and malls. This type of terrazzo has a durability that lasts over 60 years.

Rustic Terrazzo

This brand of terrazzo has one big difference from most varieties; it has a roughened surface making it slip-resistant. This is perfect for outdoor areas where traction is a consideration.

Sand-Cushioned Terrazzo

Very versatile for use with logos and designs. This terrazzo uses multiple layers including steel mesh to fortify it.